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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Getting Greener....Green Smoothie Challenge

Went to the monthly dinner/meeting of Raw Foods in Beverly Hills, Florida. Angela gave a great demo on Green Smoothies with Winter Green Smoothies. They were great. Blueberries,Bananas and Spinach...Got me hooked and I am now on day 3 of the Green Smoothie Challenge.From Green for Life : Victoria Boutenko. (Today's smoothie recipe: blueberries, frozen bananas without the peel :), chard, and parsley.) They are so tasty and filling not bitter and yukky at all. I purchased organic produce from Annie's Organics here in Florida. We get our boxes of organic produce locally 2x a month. So this is perfect for eating all those greens. Got out the old Vita Mixer and away we went :) This GS Challenge is to drink Green Smoothies for 14days. (I am eating other foods too besides green smoothies trying to eat at least 1/2 raw and always organic if I can) It is amazing the energy boost. I haven't had the desire for coffee or tea in 3 days. Very unusual for me. I do love my chai tea but haven't had one and that's okay. I think it is great to take a break from caffeine and heavy foods especially meats.
Not saying I will be raw, vegan or veg head for 100% but I believe it is wonderful to incorporate in diet. I will continue to post as the challenge goes along...